A photo by Renee Fisher of multicoloured graffitied hearts that completely cover the wall of a building.
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Relationship Goals: Improving Your Love Language

Understanding how we express love and communicate our needs in a relationship is one of the most meaningful things we can do. Valuing receptive, nourishing connections that thrive requires a clear awareness of each other's love language.

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Where Love Begins …

How we express love for someone can be as unique as we are. Some of us are physically affectionate, some are verbally affirming. Some reveal their love through thoughtfulness and small acts of kindness and care throughout the day. Some may rarely communicate it, but then say or do something profound every once in a while. Some may even seem to not show it at all.

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5 Things To Consider Before Getting Into A Long Distance Relationship

If you’re thinking of getting into a long distance relationship (LDR) with someone, you should probably consider these 5 things before you do …