Foreground Text: Reconnection (a poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes). Background Image: A photo by João Jesus via Canva of a blue sky with some light, scattered clouds.

[Re]Connection …

Our self-worth is something we should nurture and protect. Maintaining boundaries that reflect our authentic selves can ensure we are surrounded by people that foster genuine connections based on nurturing reciprocity.

Taking care of other people’s needs before our own can represent a wonderful act of kindness; establishing space for safety, compassion, healing and growth. There are times in life when the giving of ourselves in this way is necessary and affirming. An imbalance occurs, however when there’s no connectedness and exchange — meaning those we put first, care for or show love to rarely do the same for us.

A poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called ‘Reconnection’ reads as follows: The fastest way to lose a sense of self; your power is to set aside peace, purpose and joy for those who only see your value according to their own needs. Be intentional about who you let into your life; do not be afraid to reassert, reclaim and remind the universe who you are.

Making our well-being a priority requires us to define what that is for ourselves; owning who we are and nourishing this through self-care. Being mindful of where and who we gift our energy to is one of the most empowering things we can do.

How do you protect your energy? Do you set boundaries in your life?

Further Info:

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39 thoughts on “[Re]Connection …”

  1. This is such a great tip! I do find myself putting others joy ahead of my own at times, and this is a good reminder to take care of yourself first . Thanks for sharing this.


  2. I’ve been having such an odd day and honestly a part of it is about me feeling used by other people. This poem made my morning a little bit better. I am going to go check out some other poems by you too rn!


  3. This a great reminder for self care and knowing your self worth. Far to often, I give the best of myself out before I refuel. I have started to do better with self care. I am much happier that way.


  4. Definitely something to remind us all to think of ourselves, the last year I have really been focusing on putting myself first more and looking after me. I am naturally a “want to help everyone” kind of person so it is important to be kind to myself too x


  5. It becomes more difficult during the holidays with the rush to find the perfect gift, sending cards, and cooking others’ favorite treats. Thank you for the reminder that we must take care of ourselves too.


  6. Just read a couple of posts on your blog and I love how you look at life–authenticity and self love are so important and you do a great job reminding us all of that.


  7. I love the poem, all so true and well articulated. It is funny, the first time you put yourself first you feel so selfish. But after a while you can see the effect living in your own space has on others, and it is positive.


    1. Right!? When I was writing the poem and the post I still felt that little internal voice that says putting our needs first is selfish. I think it feels like this as we assume it’s always putting ourselves before everyone else, which isn’t true. Thanks so much for reading!


  8. I definitely need reminders like this in my life. I have been on a journey of putting myself first and it is… hard. I still struggle with feelings of guilt because I chose my well-being over anything else. So reminders like this are so helpful!


    1. It is definitely hard and will always be a work in progress as we ebb and flow through life. I understand the feelings of guilt too, which is such a shame that we’re conditioned to feel that way simply because we want to make sure we’re okay. I am so happy thought that this reminder was useful!


  9. Great timing for this as things tend to get a little hectic over the Christmas period. I’ve learned to set boundaries over the last few years. Before that, I was the yes girl!
    I loved your poetry and can’t wait to read more 🙂


  10. I love your poetry Molly!
    I used to be a people pleaser because I thought that I needed others to like me. I found out that those who matter understand our boundaries and are ok with listening to no as an answer from time to time. Ourself comes first and taking good care of him should be our first priority.


  11. Whenever I open your blog I know I need to read carefully. You talk of mature topics and I like that. A balance is good. It does consume a person when there is no exchange and maybe, to step away if you only feel consumed. Yes I relate. But now I’ve out my foot down. Thanks for the thoughts. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger


  12. I absolutely love this description of healthy relationships: “genuine connections based on nurturing reciprocity.” What a beautiful thing that is. I am still learning the balance of giving and receiving in relationships, I think. I really try to pay attention to how enthusiastic my “yes” is when I agree to do something for someone. It’s usually a telling sign of whether I’m keeping good boundaries.

    I adore your poem. Thank you for sharing your words ❤


  13. This is such an amazing poem Molly! So many times, we are guilty of looking after everyone else but ourselves. I love that this is a gentle reminder to check in with ourselves and take care of ourselves as well. In the end we matter and we can’t really take care of others in the best possible way if we are not in good shape!


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