A Black woman with eyes closed and a serene smile on her face is surrounded by butterflies. Photo by Jessica Felicio via Unsplash.

A Poem About Living Abundantly: A Journey

An abundant life is one fueled by the nourishment of our mental, emotional and physical well-being. It’s establishing that love, intentional joy and purpose doesn’t solely come from who or what we surround ourselves with; it’s the inner work that cares for our needs when we experience the ups and downs, successes and struggles that life typically cycles through.   

Abundance represents an understanding that while love and meaning are derived from many sources, being able to accept them into our lives begins with us. Self-love is a multiplier; it’s a way to embed healing, care and kindness into the foundations of who we are. It creates sustenance and stability — both of which support building a home within ourselves that nurtures our journey.

A poem by Molly from Transatlantic Notes called 'A Journey' reads as follows: To live an abundant life we must allow love to touch all the parts of our existence where joy and purpose flourish, calling us home to ourselves.

This poem serves as a reminder that whatever encourages us to feel whole, provides validity and/or replenishes us is not something we should reject or set aside; be abundant with how you let love feed your soul.

How do you surround yourself with love?

Further Info:

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There’s No “Right” Way To Do Self-Care – Harvard Business Review

This is part of my poetry collection, if you share my work on social media, please do not edit it, remove my name or forget to give credit (tag my Instagram and/or link back to this post or my Poetry Page). If you wish to use my poetry in any other way, please contact me for permission. Thank you.

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42 thoughts on “A Poem About Living Abundantly: A Journey”

  1. This is such a beautiful poem Molly! Abundance is something we should all be striving for and your poem says it all. Thanks for sharing.


  2. What a great poem. To answer your question, I don’t do anything to surround myself in love, I’m not even sure I’m capable of feeling love


  3. Your poem is short but very deep. It sparks a conversation around truely living an abundant life, and could take hours, if not days, to unwrap the many layers. Your are so right ✅: one being able to understand love and meaning from whatever source it comes from, begins with one accepting them in one’s life; it’s the beginning of an abundant life.


  4. This is such a lovely poem! You’ve now got me thinking about how I surround myself with love. I think part of it is being with family and aside from that, it’s being able to fangirl to my heart’s content without being afraid or ashamed to fangirl. 🙂


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