a new day dawns with sunrise over a field of wild grass

Finding Your Way …

Emotional healing can be rest, it can be careful reflection. It can be self-care, confrontation, silence, therapy, exercise and many other things. It’s as individual as we are. There’s no right way to do it, no set timeframe, it’s not even linear. How we piece ourselves back together looks and feels different for everyone — but it is a quiet teacher that will show us all the way forward.

A photo of pink blossom on a tree.

A Reminder …

Rest your heart for a while, be kind to yourself. Let yourself feel enough to remember, enough to learn, but never too much for it to be so heavy it’s all you can carry. Take your time, take a breath, and hold on to what will come …


TN Poetry | Healing

Many different life events, challenges or changes can carry an emotional weight that’s difficult to process. Working through something that’s created a loss in our lives can be nuanced, complex and fluid. There is no correct way to be or timetable to work from when experiencing something that requires acceptance or healing.