Frost covered wild grass bathed in the Autumnal morning Sun. Photo via graffoto8 on Canva.


The seasons and cycles of nature serve as a reminder that growth, rejuvenation and new beginnings will continue to arrive, blossom and bloom. It reveals to us that despite challenges and hardships, we can use the change we experience to emerge renewed; sometimes in ways we may not anticipate.

decorative featured image for when change comes a poem by molly from transatlantic notes

When Change Comes …

A new year that's ushered in with a countdown to midnight can often represent an opportunity to begin again, set some goals and hope for better. There's something intrinsically uplifting about the resetting of a calendar that hints at a second chance for us all. 

A photo by Ben Kerckx of three wooden heart ornaments hanging in a row.
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Concepts of Home

During my life thus far, I’ve lived in at least 10 different places. Half of them were apartments I’ve rented, and the other half were family houses (parents/grandparents). Some of these homes hold the fondest, most deeply held memories of love I’ve ever encountered. And some have been places of insidious darkness.