Facing away from the camera, a natural redhead stands looking at the sky, their hair is tied in a messy bun; photo via Tyler McRobert/Unsplash.
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5 Questions You Should Never Ask a Natural Redhead

Making up roughly one to two percent of the world's population, natural redheads are a rarety that seem to have many myths and misconceptions that follow us around (yes, I'm one of them). The fact that we're uncommon means that people often want to ask questions — which most of the time is an enjoyable experience. However, all too frequently, our unusualness can lead some people to believe that their curiosity excuses inappropriate or offensive behaviour.

Next to a snowy window is a brown sweater, a cup of tea and a pile of books on a wooden window sill in an old house; photo via Alena Ozerova/Canva.
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The Best Books For A Winter Reading List

There's never a bad time to get into reading a new book; however, it always seems to feel particularly gratifying to get stuck into a literary adventure during the long, cold stretch of winter months — especially if some of the stories we're exploring have winter-themed elements.

On a white desk is a pile of three journals; the bottom two are open and the grey one on top is closed; photo via Marissa Grootes/Unsplash.
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The Best End of Year Guided Reflection Journal Prompts

It's commonplace at this time of year to look back on the past twelve months and assess all the things we have overcome, achieved and learned. Depending on what life threw at us; yearly retrospectives can sometimes be relatively difficult to work through, but they're worth the effort if we're really intentional about wanting to move forward with purpose.

Next to a decorated Christmas tree is a small brown box tied with white ribbon; on top of the box is a small white model airplane. Photo via Sinenkiy/iStock.
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Life Abroad: How To Connect With Home During The Holidays

Moving to live, work or study abroad is a big deal. It opens us up to fresh experiences and knowledge that can enrich but also challenge us; with many opportunities to learn, reinvent and grow. But as is sometimes the case in life, there are occasional tradeoffs with the less positive aspects; one of which is missing home.

A soft pink lotus flower sits in a large white cup; its petals are fully unfurled. Next to it a an open notebook with lined pages; photo via Six Miles Out/Unsplash.
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Advice I’d Share With My Younger Self (And You)

If you could give your younger self some advice, what would it be? Moments of introspection like this are frequently prompted by a desire to better understand ourselves, deepen self-acceptance, boost self-compassion or offer a reminder about how far we've come.

A pink paper heart attached to the end of a stick for a cute craft project.
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Reuniting: Advice For Long-Distance Couples

If you've ever been in a long-distance relationship or you're in one now; you probably already know that coming together after time spent apart is one of the most anticipated aspects of loving at a distance. So, what do you need to know before you see each other again?

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12 Fascinating ‘Would You Rather’ Questions to Share

Hypothetical conundrums and dilemmas offer an entertaining way to initiate thought-provoking conversations. Even though these deep questions are designed to be fascinating and fun; would your answers surprise those around you?

featured image surprising benefits of a long-distance relationship
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Surprising Benefits of a Long-Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships create a unique set of challenges that can be extremely hard to navigate. Finding positivity within a distinctly demanding situation may seem hopelessly optimistic, but there are some benefits to loving at a distance.