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How To Be Assertive to Deal With Toxic People

Unfortunately, we are all likely to encounter toxic people at some point in life; learning how to deal with them can minimise ongoing and future disagreements and difficulties. Assertiveness and setting boundaries can help maintain our well-being while navigating different scenarios and relationships with others.

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Important Conversations: What You Need To Understand About Consent

Giving or receiving consent to sexual activity involves much more than a verbal or non-verbal cue; the circumstances leading up to how and why consent is being provided, as well as what is being done to maintain it, are hugely significant — and it needs to be discussed more openly.

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Practical Tips to Help Overcome Lack of Motivation

It's common for everyone to experience a lack of motivation from time to time. Identifying its source can occasionally be difficult as many factors influence its onset, such as stress, fatigue and changes in daily routine. No matter what may trigger these bouts of discouragement, being kind to ourselves as we take steps to re-energize and refocus is essential.

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Self-Care: How To Get Sh*t Done In A Healthier Way

In terms of your mental, emotional or physical well-being; if I was to ask you what you need right now, what would your answer be? Sometimes self-care involves implementing practices that allow us to withstand (and then recover) from issues and challenges that come our way; every so often, self-care is survival.

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Health and Wellness Practices To Support

Over time there's been an increase in awareness and acceptance of how health and wellness practices are an integral part of our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Advocating for taking charge of our needs has gradually become a welcomed (even celebrated) social norm; with discussions and actions around health being more openly explored than ever before. 

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Ways To Focus On Relaxation Throughout Your Day

Finding time to fully relax can be problematic if we're busy, overwhelmed or feel as if we don't need/deserve this type of self-care. Make no mistake; being able to unwind — even if it's for a handful of minutes at a time — can be an effective way to avoid burnout or show ourselves a little self-compassion.

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How To Create and Build Healthy Habits

Any behaviour that benefits our emotional, physical and mental well-being is something that can be turned into a healthy habit. There’s no doubt that maintaining a set of practices that achieve this can improve our mood, enhance energy and provide a sense of purpose.

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Why Challenging Your Negative Thoughts Is Important

Having occasional negative thoughts about ourselves is completely normal; being stressed, tired, frustrated or experiencing challenges and changes, etc. can contribute to developing a nitpicking and overly critical inner voice. Often a collective reflection of our feelings, negative thinking can reveal what aspects of emotional self-care we need to work on.